Parenting for Your Child's Nature: The Precise Metal Child

Parenting for Your Child’s Nature: The Precise Metal Child

Is your child rigid and stuck in his or her routine? Have trouble going with the flow when things don’t go as expected? You may be parenting a “Metal Child.”

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, which was modernized and developed into the Fire Child, Water Child model by holistic pediatrician Stephen Cowan, MD, each of us is born with different ways of experiencing the world. Our dominant style or “type” corresponds to one of the five elements found in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Each type is characterized by many positive qualities and strengths, and as we grow we cultivate our less developed qualities to become well-balanced human beings.

Metal Children are rule-oriented and precise, and thrive on structure and predictability. They naturally experience the world through patterns and rhythms. They generally have a great appreciation for beauty, design and for the artistic side of life.

When a Metal Child’s routine is disturbed they may react by becoming hyper-focused. Like the corresponding season of Autumn where the air becomes cool and the trees and plants dry out, the Metal Child’s nature can lead them to become stiff, or rigid and have difficulty shifting their attention.

When understood and their grace is nurtured, Metal Children can become our great designers, architects, and scientists.

So what can parents do to help their Metal Children succeed and flourish? Understanding their nature and celebrating their strengths is the first step to Positive Parenting.

Watch my interview with Dr. Cowan to hear his practical wisdom for parenting the Metal Child:

Parenting the Metal child means opening up their goal-directed imagination by encouraging them to see situations from various perspectives and picturing positive outcomes of their behavior if they did something a different way. This takes daily practice, according to Dr. Cowan. They can also help Metal children lighten up by using humor and play, guiding them to laugh at the situation and eventually to take themselves less seriously.

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