Parenting for Your Child's Nature: The Caring Earth Child

Parenting for Your Child’s Nature: The Caring Earth Child

Does your child tend to procrastinate when trying to get his or her homework done? Is s/he often worried, distracted, or becomes indecisive when stressed? You may be parenting an “Earth Child.”

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, which was modernized and developed into the Fire Child, Water Child model by holistic pediatrician Stephen Cowan, MD, each of us is born with different ways of experiencing the world. Our dominant style or “type” corresponds to one of the five elements found in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Each type is characterized by many positive qualities and strengths, and as we grow we cultivate our less developed qualities to become well-balanced human beings.

Earth Children are naturally caring, cooperative, people-oriented individuals who experience the world through relationships. They generally have keen social and emotional intelligence, tuning into others’ feelings, while genuinely caring about how everyone is getting along. Sometimes Earth Children’s heightened concern about others turns to worry about pleasing their parents or teachers, which can lead them to become stuck or indecisive. This preoccupation may present a challenge when they need to focus on a task at hand.

Like the corresponding season of the harvest, Earth types are good at gathering, coordinating, and networking. When understood and nurtured, Earth individuals have the potential to become our greatest peacemakers. They can serve as the “glue” that holds families and groups together.

So what can parents do to help their Earth Children succeed and flourish? Understanding their nature and celebrating their strengths is the first step to Positive Parenting.

Watch my interview with Dr. Cowan to hear his practical wisdom for parenting the Earth Child:

Parents can help Earth Children get motivated and organized into action by encouraging them to move physically. Dr. Cowan recommends activities like running or yoga, or anything “embodied” — to help get these children “out of their head.”

He suggests that Earth Children may be better off doing their homework in the company of others, preferably in the kitchen rather than alone in their room. Parents can help them develop their insight by showing them the relationship between concepts, building on their strength of experiencing the world through relationships between people.

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