Parenting for Your Child's Nature: The Wood Child in Motion

Parenting for Your Child’s Nature: The Wood Child in Motion

Is your child in constant motion? Does s/he have trouble sitting still in class? Easily frustrated at home? You may be parenting a “Wood Child.”

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, which was modernized and developed into the Fire Child, Water Child model by holistic pediatrician Stephen Cowan, MD, each of us is born with different ways of experiencing the world. Our dominant style or “type” corresponds to one of the five elements found in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Each type is characterized by many positive qualities and strengths, and as we grow we cultivate our less developed qualities to become well-balanced human beings.

Wood-natured individuals explore the world through movement and learn through doing. As in Wood’s corresponding season of Spring, these children push the boundaries, literally and figuratively, like plants and trees pushing up through the earth.

Wood Children are the “movers and shakers” in the world and our pioneers. When true to their nature, they move through the world, goal-directed, letting nothing stop them or get in their way. Although they can be challenging students for teachers to have in class, if we understand and honor their adventurous, energetic spirits, their grit often leads them to become successful entrepreneurs.

So what can parents do to help their Wood Children succeed and flourish? Understanding their nature and celebrating their strengths is the first step to Positive Parenting.

Watch my interview with Dr. Cowan to hear his practical wisdom for parenting the Wood Child:

Dr. Cowan suggests teaching Wood Children the practice of Belly Breathing, emphasizing the breathing out — helping these children learn how to breathe out their frustrations and angry feelings. He also suggests encouraging Wood Children to mentor other children, directing their energy outward in a constructive, socially appropriate and helpful manner.

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