Parenting for Your Child's Nature: The Playful Fire Child

Parenting for Your Child’s Nature: The Playful Fire Child

Is your child the “class clown”? Having trouble controlling his or her impulsive behavior? Acts silly until everyone is laughing? You may be parenting a “Fire Child.”

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, which was modernized and developed into the Fire Child, Water Child model by holistic pediatrician Stephen Cowan, MD, each of us is born with different ways of experiencing the world. Our dominant style or “type” corresponds to one of the five elements found in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Each type is characterized by many positive qualities and strengths, and as we grow we cultivate our less developed qualities to become well-balanced human beings.

Fire Children are full of life and generally happy-go-lucky kids. They live to entertain others and often have a great sense of humor.

Like the corresponding season of Summer, Fire types “light up the room.” They are all about having fun, and experiencing joy. However, when their outgoing natures are stifled, they can become moody.

When Fire Children are allowed to express themselves and spread their playful spirit in appropriate contexts, they can become charismatic leaders and our most cherished actors, performers and comedians. Everyone loves to have upbeat Fire types around to brighten the mood in any situation.

So what can parents do to help their Fire Children succeed and flourish? Understanding their nature and celebrating their strengths is the first step to Positive Parenting.

Watch my interview with Dr. Cowan to hear his practical wisdom for parenting the Fire Child:

Parents can help balance the energy of the Fire Child by spending quiet time with them, and letting them know that it’s ok to be “boring” and not be “on” all the time. Dr. Cowan also suggests sacred ceremonies, such as lighting candles, to give Fire children a sense of something greater than themselves. He also encourages them to practice calm, and using their “inside voices” to become aware of how their sometimes loud and dramatic behavior affects others around them.

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