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“This book provides useful ‘how-to’s’ that aid in reframing how and why we think about our roles as educators to build more meaningful and impactful relationships with students.” 
—Terry L. Jackson, Ed.D., The George Washington University, Office of Special Education Programs/U.S.DOE
“Through time-tested and research-driven approaches to flourishing, this book is chock-full of easy-to-implement actions that are kind to you, the students, and to the environment you’re creating in the classroom.” 
—Megan McDonough, CEO and Co-Founder, Wholebeing Institute
“This book is destined to become an important resource for anyone involved in the education of children in today’s culture.”
—Stephen Scott Cowan, M.D., Author of Fire Child Water Child
“The skill sets and values presented within this book, when practiced with fidelity, positively change school culture, advance understanding, cultivate a sense of validation and self-worth, leading to an empowerment that is often missing in today’s world.”
—Lawrence Feldman, Ph.D., School Board of Miami-Dade County
“Although primarily aimed at K-12 classrooms, the authors’ insightful suggestions have given me, a veteran college professor, new insights into positive classroom dynamics which I have already begun to incorporate into my classes.”
—Louise Hainline, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Brooklyn College of CUNY

Praise for Hacking School Culture:  Designing Compassionate Classrooms

I am a Certified Positive Psychology Coach specializing in Family, Life, and Career issues. I offer a strengths-based approach to raising children and teens to flourish, while coaching parents to become happier and improve their own whole-being wellness. I integrate a variety of evidence-based practices from the science of happiness and success, the wisdom traditions, and my own experience as a “parent with perspective.” I look forward to connecting with you to help you clarify and reach your goals and supporting you with the practical tools to flourish.

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Positive psychology coaching for those who are seeking to pursue goals for positive change in their lives, relationships, or work. I have a particular expertise in parenting and happiness coaching.

Consulting & Mentoring

I work with individuals, couples, families or groups, in-person and/or via video chat. I also consult with educators seeking to create and sustain compassionate, strengths-based classrooms.

Resources & Support

I gather resources and recommend other trusted practitioners in your community to help support your plan for positive change.

Workshops, Webinars & Retreats

Learn new tools for parenting happier, healthier and more focused kids — and to improve your own well-being!

Life, especially while parenting, can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Let’s focus on the possibilities for flourishing. Together we can Parent with Perspective.

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